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YouTube Visits .- Without a doubt, YouTube has revolutionized the digital video industry. It has become a source of entertainment, information and self-promotion for millions of people and can be a really useful tool to develop your online presence.

Therefore, video marketing is vital for companies and brands, as it allows them to reach more audiences, generate engagement and increase customer loyalty.

Several million YouTube videos are viewed around the world every day. Then? How can my YouTube channel stand out from the millions of YouTube videos and competitors? How can I increase the traffic of my YouTube channel?

Quality Content to Increase Visits

Well yes, we all know about making quality content, they remind us of it everywhere and all the time, sometimes there comes a point where it even starts to be annoying, but…

Do you really make quality content?

The rules to increase YouTube visits and success have changed in recent years, it is becoming more difficult and elaborate, and making quality content has become a real headache.

In order to generate good content that people (and Youtube…) like, you have to have exercised creativity, and put it to useQuality Content to Increase Visits
And it is not only the idea, but also the implementation of the idea and also the presentation of the video to invite users to watch it, it is a difficult task!

Let’s review a couple of points to keep in mind that distinguish quality content (the one that succeeds) from bad content (the one that falls by the wayside):

How to upload views on You Tube?

YouTube’s main goal is to keep users coming back and increase uptime: the longer users watch videos, the more ads will be shown. YouTube loves this as it also increases their profits. Therefore, it can be said that YouTube values ​​videos that have a high degree of user engagement.

These percentages are just as important as the average number of minutes a video is watched. Therefore, the degree of visitor engagement should be the most important factor for the success of your channel . If your channel is active and has views, you can easily check the statistics with the YouTube Analytics tool .

If your video retention rate is less than 35%, YouTube may not be the right solution for you, or maybe you should change your approach. On the other hand, if your retention rate is higher than this percentage, you have a better chance of success.

youtube thumbnails

First and foremost, visitors must be attracted , and then multiply them. Think about it, what is it that most attracts you to click on a video? without a doubt, the miniature of this. A good thumbnail that conveys a message related to the content (even if the video is a disaster) will undoubtedly attract visits…

Start looking at the thumbnails of popular videos and you’ll understand, bold colors and a great video preview that leaves you wanting to see more.


Train your skills to choose (or make) good miniatures, your visits will increase almost 100%, guaranteed. There are thousands of tutorials on the Internet to learn how to make excellent thumbnails to attract users , don’t be left behind!

Title and description are really important

The title, along with the thumbnail, are the only sources of information that can be “viewed” before clicking on a video. Catch the user as soon as they finish reading your title and you already have a guaranteed visit.

upload youtube views

A good technique to choose the titles is, as with the thumbnails, that you compare with your competitors what type of titles they choose to give you an idea. Change the title of your videos a little and adapt them to your competitors, use keywords, put a specific and direct title are some of the tips that I can give you when creating a good title.

Use Clickbait to climb positions

Clickbait or «cyberhook» It consists of using shocking images and sometimes out of context, which capture the user’s attention or use this technique through a headline with a hook, with the aim that visitors access the video and stay as long as possible. possible time.

This technique is widely used in viral videos and applied correctly, it will considerably increase the CTR and therefore the views on your YouTube channel will grow .

Emoticons 😋 🤪 🙈 emoji youtube

Something that also works, that you can use, is emojis . Yes, the emoticons that were born in the old Messenger, you can put them in the titles of your videos. These emojis add color and an eye-catching look to your headline that I’m sure will influence the number of views you’ll get.

In any case, if your video is moderately serious, it is recommended that you do not use emojis for the title, it could give a bad impression.

The description also plays a key role in attracting views to your YouTube channel . In the description we must detail the content of the video (using keywords to position) and it must have links to other videos of yours, so that the visitor is hooked on your content.

The best would be to write a small article in the description, detailing the content of the video using relevant keywords, however, many do not have the time or desire to do this step. Also, I recommend that in the description you invite users to ‘like’, subscribe and share the video, many times they do!

To understand the differences I am going to give an example, and I want you to answer me with the greatest sincerity, which video would you choose to watch (taking into account that both videos do not talk about the same topic)?

If you said the first one: congratulations, you are one more than 99%, now… could you explain to me why you have chosen it? Do not you think that these factors that we are talking about totally influence? Let’s move on to the next point…

Tags o etiquetas You Tube

The tags or labels play a fundamental role when it comes to increasing visits on YouTube, and they are like the identifier of your video for the ‘YouTube algorithm’. They will help you appear in the search results.

You must choose good tags so that YouTube and users recognize us, and for this there are many online tools that can help you, however, many times it is better to make a manual selection of tags.

Rapid tags offers a great free service to choose tags that can help you rank your video, you can enter by clicking here .

Other very useful websites are Semrush and Ahref that will offer you a wide range of interesting tags for your videos, but to access all its features you will have to pay monthly. With the Jony Team tools you can get the best SEO tools at the best price.

Interact with other Youtubers

Another way to grow on YouTube is through other YouTubers who work with topics similar to yours. You can follow those profiles that seem relevant to your niche and that have a good number of subscribers. Interact with them by leaving comments that add value to their posts. For example, you could participate via comments and recommend some of your best videos.

This technique is very interesting and can give good results if done correctly, although it is recommended not to abuse it so as not to look like a desperate spammer looking for free views .

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And finally VidIQ is a Google Chrome extension that gives us statistics of all YouTube videos, including the tags that have been used. With this tool we can “copy” the tags of popular videos in order to continue on their way. This tool is free, however to unlock all its features you must pay a monthly fee.

The content on Youtube is the most important

The most important thing to climb positions on YouTube is, without a doubt, the content. When the content is good and creative, it receives more social signals and ranks easily organically, however, when the video is bad, there is no thumbnail, title or description that can save you.

How to make good content for You Tube?

To make good content , you don’t need much effort, just have an original idea, that differentiates it from the rest, and know how to transform it and capture it through a quality video. This may mean writing scripts for your videos, shooting your video multiple times, practicing your voice, learning how to edit, etc.

A video that contains content that is not valuable to users may have views, but it will never have retention. Users will not subscribe to a channel that uploads junk content and you will never be able to grow.

Train your content creation and ask a friend what it looks like, or listen to suggestions from the comments of your videos to improve your montages as much as possible.

How to have many subscribers on YouTube 2021?

Know your target audience
Make high-quality videos
Increase the frequency of posts
Create headlines that grab attention.
Some users use some kind of bot as a youtube subscriber generator . It may be one more option for those users who are just starting out with the video platform.

How to buy more subscribers on YouTube?

There are many platforms that allow the purchase of all kinds of social shares. They are bots for youtube and allow you to buy visits, Likes, subscribers, reproductions and likes in exchange for a few dollars. FollowLike , fans or addme F ast are the best known.

Buy high retention youtube views

FollowLike is a great social sharing tool that allows the user to gain interactions on the most popular social networks. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Diigo, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, Delicious, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Linkedin, Vimeo, VK,, Vidme, Flickr, Stumbleupon, 9gag .

buy views on youtube

On the platform you can buy YouTube views or if you prefer to win them for free, you simply have to get points by performing some simple action. Do not stop Winning youtube subscribers and likes and grow your presence on social networks.

Register an account on FollowLike

If you want to buy youtube visits , do not forget to try Follow Like. You can also earn social interactions for free. Click the image below and register a free account now.

With these systems you can increase Facebook fans , gain Twitter followers, upload YouTube likes , Instagram followers and even direct traffic to your websites .

Positioning to Increase Visits

Well, we already went through point 1, but if it were that easy, we would all be famous youtubers . Positioning is key to increasing visits on YouTube, I will briefly explain:

Every time you search for something on YouTube, a list of videos appears, where the one that is in the first position is called the best positioned. We want to be in that first position when people search for us, since that position is the one that generally receives the most visits and clicks from users.

But how? Is there any technique to appear in the first places of the searches?

The answer is no, and yes. It is somewhat complicated to understand how the YouTube algorithm works, but there are many coincidences from which conclusions can be drawn. What are those conclusions?

Videos with a higher like/visit rate rank higher
Posts with a higher comment/visit rate rank higher
Videos where people become subscribers to the channel that uploaded the video rank higher.
Posts that get a lot of views in a short amount of time, guess what, they rank higher.
So what can be done with this data?

Pages to gain Youtube views

There is a large number of web pages that allow you to increase YouTube views through a system of task sharing between users. Platforms to gain presence in the most popular social networks such as YouTube, Facebook or Instagram .

Youtube visits generator

On these pages you can earn views, web visits, likes, comments, subscriptions and shares, doing tasks or buying credits. They are platforms to generate views on YouTube , gain likes and subscribers for free that will give your YouTube channel a little boost.

The fact is that with a few likes and some comments on our video, we can quickly increase visits and position ourselves higher in the searches of the YouTube algorithm .

Schedule videos on YouTube

Many do not know that YouTube has a tool to schedule videos, you simply upload your video like any other, but instead of making it public, you put it in “scheduled”, so you can forget about uploading your video on the exact day since YouTube will take care of it. This can be useful when reuploading videos .

Keep in mind that the upload time of your videos also influences, since as we saw, if you have few views as soon as you upload it, it will not position itself as high in the search list of the YouTube algorithm, so upload your videos in peak times! (recommended between 12:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Persistence to Succeed

My last advice to increase views on YouTube is to be constant and keep the illusion as the first day. Most likely, after a while without getting results, you will lose motivation, but this is like the gym, the one who doesn’t get carried away wins.

You never know when you’re going to be the video that breaks out and takes you to fame. Maybe one day, you only get 14 views per video, and the next day your video magically goes viral reaching thousands of people , who subscribe to your channel, watch your other videos and lead you to success.

Now that you know how to get subscribers on YouTube , upload your views and gain popularity on this sensational platform, remember…

If you give up, there’s no way you’ll reach your goals… but if you stay consistent, sooner or later you’ll get there.

Youtubers with the most subscribers

Learning from other youtubers is a good way to increase both subscribers and visits, likes and interactions . We are not talking about copying content or anything like that, you can simply adopt some tips or ways of doing things from these influencers and give them a personal touch that distinguishes you from the rest.

youtube tricks

Positioning a video on YouTube can be an odyssey if we do not carry out an analysis of the keywords to be positioned. We are not talking about buying youtube views or buying youtube likes . We are talking about gaining YouTube views in real time and organically.

How to get more views on YouTube?

Constantly uploading videos to your channel will give your subscribers a loyalty effect, making your visitors grow month after month.

Find out how to get leads

How many views do you have to have on youtube to earn money ?

Once you have managed to monetize your YouTube channel , several questions arise : How many views does YouTube pay? or with how many views does youtube pay? . This is the million dollar question, or the million questions, hehehe, but in short it depends on several factors.

In reality, the way YouTube has to pay does not depend on the reproductions since the platform pays per click made on the different ads that are printed throughout the video. This means that the money I can earn on YouTube depends on the price the advertiser is willing to pay.

Earning views on youtube and earning money is possible if you follow the above points to the letter. Logically, you should add some creativity to your content so that your visitors don’t run off to the competition at the first opportunity.

Real time youtube hit counter online
Thanks to youtube views counter you will be able to be clear about the number of visitors who consume each of the videos that make up your channel. The YouTube views counter is totally reliable.

How to make my youtube video have more views?

Now that you know how to have more visits on YouTube and how to have many subscribers on YouTube , you are going to be able to increase your presence in this unique video social network.

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