Will Run More Android Apps With Your Phone? Here’s How

Will Run More Android Apps With Your Phone? Here’s How

The operating system on your Smartphones is known as Android and the same rules apply to your WINDows 10 phones as well. So many people think that their phone has the latest version of Android and they want to use it on their Widget. This however is not supported and the only option available is to use the Google Application Manager on their Widget. Unfortunately, the Google App Manager does not support your regular Windows Phone or Blackberry Phone. So here are some things that you can do to make sure that your WINDows 10 phone will run more android apps with your phone.

The first thing that you need to do is to uninstall any apps from your phone that you do not use. Now, your phone might not be totally devoid but there are apps that are not part of the manufacturer’s scheme and hence you will be able to run them. To remove apps that you no longer use, you can go to the settings and then the preferences of your phone and uninstall the apps. Or you can just perform a manual removal by clicking on the settings. After this, you need to restart your phone and use the default search box to find any apps. Once you find one, just tap on it will disappear from your phone.

You can also download apps from other companies that are related to your phone. For example, if you are using an HTC Desire phone then you should download HTC Hub plus. This Hub Plus has several applications such as flashlight, weather, calculator, contact manager etc. which will help you use your phone more efficiently and make your WINDows 10 phone run smoother. So, if you have an HTC Desire phone then download the HTC Hub plus from the Android Market.

If you want to optimize your performance in a different way then you can also use certain apps. For example, if you have a slow speed on your WINDows 10 device then you can try to download Skype. This is a free application which will provide you with excellent audio quality while transferring messages. Moreover, it will also help you to make free calls. Apart from Skype, another important application that you should download is Google Maps. It will make your phone run faster by providing street view and satellite image.

Another way to make your device run faster is to remove unwanted software and applications that are not needed. If you have installed a lot of applications on your phone then it will make your device slower. Plus, it also consumes more memory. Therefore, if you want to speed up your phone then remove all the unwanted software that is not needed on your device. For this, you need to browse the internet and remove all the software that you do not need.

If you have been experiencing problems such as performance slowdown and frequent errors on your android phone then you can also use an application called “ADT Mobile Shield”. This will help you prevent the crashes, errors, and other problems that may occur because of these problems. So, whenever there is an emergency, just use this program and you will be able to use your phone much faster. Just download this application from the website and use it anytime you face a problem on your phone.

Some people often face a problem such as slow performance, random reboots etc. They are facing difficulties because their phones are not compatible with older models. Moreover, older devices do not support the latest features available in the latest phones. Thus, they face difficulties in using advanced functions. The good news for such people is that all they need to do is to buy a Windows Phone compatible phones and they will be able to enjoy the advanced and newest features available in their phones.

All above mentioned things are the reasons why you should buy a Windows Phone based phone. There are many other benefits that come with a Windows Phone. Even if you do not run more android apps with your phone, you will get many benefits. So, you should try to buy a Windows Phone and enjoy all the benefits that it has to offer you. If you want to know more about the various benefits offered by Windows Phones, you can take a look at the following link.

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