Top Advantages of Outsourcing Data Entry Services to India

Top Advantages of Outsourcing Data Entry Services to India

Now that we have digitization all around, you can never ignore digitization. It can be risky because your business may not sustain the changes. This drawback can be a weapon for your competitors. 

Here, outsourcing can help you get off the limitation of talents, territory, resources, and expertise. This data entry assistance can get you peace of mind with a ton of benefits. You have multiple choices because there are countries like India, where IT outsourcing industry is projected to grow at 7.25% CAGR and exceed INR 8,830 billion by 2025 from INR 5,649.47 billion in 2019. 

Above all, the cost of outsourcing to India is far less if you compare it with any developed countries. 

Here are some more benefits of outsourcing to India that can help to finally decide about hiring an expert from there. 

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Entry Services to India

  • Affordable Automation Cost

Since the advent of automation, businesses are looking for the best and most affordable automation options. It requires expertise to develop a data entry system for its own purposes. Unfortunately, developed countries have expensive software engineers or experts who ask for anywhere between $70 and $150 per hour. Opposite it, similar domain experts charge nearly $20 or $40 in India. However, the cost may vary in accordance with the product or system. 

But, the overall cost would be far less than the labour cost in the USA, UK, or any other western country. 

  •  Work Round O’ Clock 

The nations like America, Australia, and other European countries have limited office hours, which are 9 to 5 a day. But here, leading Indian data entry companies to provide 24×7 hours services, which is leveraging. It can support the quick delivery of the project. This means that you would have an add-on in your efficiency that is faster and better.  

  •  Benchmark Quality of Data Entry

On average, it costs about $1 to avoid a duplicate entry, $10 to fix it, and $100 to save a duplicate entry if it remains untreated, as per Sirius Decisions. 

Thankfully, India is where many business process outsourcing companies (BPOs) have been consistently providing benchmark quality data entry services. From capturing to cleansing, processing, and mining solutions-all stages are smoothly run with expertise. A data architect is a topmost expert who has the skills, talent, and hands-on experience to smartly deal with accuracy. In India, this professional can be afforded between13.7 Lakhs and ₹ 41.5 Lakhs. On the flip side, the same professional in the USA receives $1,27,091, which is way higher.   

  • Best Talent In India 

The Indian Government has allotted a budget of US$ 5.28 billion for a higher talent pool and US$ 7.56 billion for school education and literacy for FY22. Apart from that, there are multiple multinational companies here in India that fund training and professional courses for on-the-job employees. It clearly indicates that people are more skilled, expert, & talented here.  

The Union Cabinet of this country has also approved a new National Education Policy, which is going to be fully implemented by 2040. It means that the resources and talents would be better and more affordable here than in any other country. 

  • No Communication Barrier 

India has the 2nd largest English-speaking people in the world. However, there are over 22 languages spoken in India. Being a universal language, over 125 million people here use English to express or convey their messages. It means that language can never be a barrier to communicating about any data delivery, changes, or any other related task. 

  •  Government-Friendly Outsourcing Policies 

The Indian government is extremely keen on encouraging outsourcing companies, especially data and IT outsourcing entities. The annual R&D expenditure here has reached USD 158,691 billion in 2022, which is the 4th largest spending in the world. Deutsche Welle (DW) reported that India’s 2022 budget has infrastructure expenditure in limelight for a high level of growth. With IT infrastructure in place, there would be a smooth exchange of data and information online, which is all because of government-friendly policies. 


Indian data entry companies have a pool of talent, no language barrier, advanced IT infrastructure, and more facilities. Besides, the price of different data entry services is affordable. Also, there is no limit of time in accessing solutions for quicker data entry.  

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