Take the Radio With You – 5 Android Apps

Take the Radio With You – 5 Android Apps

Radio has been with us for decades and although it may seem old, every day it evolves with technology. Currently, Android offers radio stations and podcasts from anywhere in the world so you can take the radio everywhere.

Free Stations: FM Radio

This is one of the most used in mobiles because it has a range of thousands of stations with direct transmission. Not only does it allow you to listen to the stations but it also allows you to save favorites and make direct searches by musical genres.

Tuneln Radio

It is among the top of the best applications to listen to streaming music, with more than 100 million downloads, with a recording function in its paid version. It is one of the most complete applications currently, with local and international stations, podcasts, news channels, sports channels and all musical genres.


It is one of the most particular applications because it allows us to listen to only the music that we really like. Not only does it have more than a thousand channels, but we can customize our stations, skip songs and, if that were not it, we can hardly block artists and their songs.


Cataloged as one of the best applications to listen to podcasts in Spanish , it has a large number of programs from a multitude of local and international radio stations. We can create playlists, check history, download programs, classify by genres, and more.

Pc Radio Online

This is the right application for use in low coverage areas, it consumes little data and is highly energy efficient. It provides hundreds of stations classified by music categories and even equalizer.

Enjoy your favorite podcasts and stations no matter where you are, thanks to these applications.

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