Know How to Fix OST Cannot be Opened Issue in MS Outlook?

Know How to Fix OST Cannot be Opened Issue in MS Outlook?

MS Outlook is the most noticeable email customer these days. It is being utilized by a huge number of clients around the world. Its free from any danger administrations bait the clients into utilizing it as their essential email customer. Be that as it may, most Outlook clients face a few blunders in it sooner or later or the other, as OST can not be opened, OST document missing, and so on In this blog, we will address the OST can’t be opened in Outlook blunder explicitly.

Viewpoint is the email customer given by Microsoft. It offers an assortment of administrations notwithstanding email the board like schedules, contacts, diaries, notes, assignments, and so on It stores its email information in two sorts of document designs, to be specific, OST and PST. OST represents Offline Storage Table, though PST is the abbreviation for Personal Storage Table. OST is the arrangement that stores all the disconnected information, while PST is utilized for online purposes.

Clients experience a few mistakes while utilizing the MS Outlook email customer because of OST documents. These can be because of a few reasons that are talked about in this blog further. We will likewise impart to you the strategies to fix Outlook OST can’t be opened mistake. However, before that, let us comprehend the reasons.

Reasons for the OST Cannot be Opened Error

Coming up next are the potential reasons that bring about the OST record blunder.

  • The first and the foremost reason to cause this error is the corruption in the OST files of Outlook. The corruption does not allow the OST file to open, and it is caused because of transferring or opening an OST file of one PC on another system.
  • Sudden system shutdowns due to power failures create errors in the OST file. If your system shuts down while you are working on an OST file, it will create an error.
  • Improper sync with the Exchange server is also a culprit for this error. The email data of Outlook is synced with the online server regularly. If it is not connected due to some reason, the errors in the OST file occur.
  • The virus or malware intrusions in Outlook can create bad sectors in the OST files, making them inaccessible. It will not allow them to open in Outlook.
  • The abrupt termination of the Outlook software can cause damage to the application as well as the OST files.

All the above-recorded focuses ought to be remembered and be dealt with so the OST can’t be opened blunder or Outlook can be kept away from. In any case, you can use the underneath strategies to fix this mistake forever.

Methods to Resolve OST File Error in Outlook

  1. Closing any Outlook Process
  2. Turn Off Exchange Outlook Cached Mode
  3. Disabling Outlook Add-ins
  4. Repairing OST File

Every one of the four techniques are physically performed and can direct you to fix the OST document blunder. They have been portrayed in a stepwise way for your execution.

  1. Closing any Outlook Process

The Task Manager of your PC can assist you with shutting the Outlook processes. Follow the beneath steps definitively.

  • Exit the Outlook application if it is running on your PC.
  • Then, right-click on the Task Bar and choose Start Task Manager.
  • Now, click on the Processes tab.
  • Search for the processes of Communicator, Lync, Outlook, or Ucmapi. If you find any of these, right-click on them and choose End Process.

All the Outlook cycles will be halted, and if you start the application once more, you may not confront the Outlook OST can’t be opened.

  1. Turn Off Exchange Outlook Cached Mode

You can utilize the Control Panel of your framework in executing this technique. The accompanying advances will direct you completely.

  • Close MS Outlook and Run Control Panel on your system.

  • Then, select the Mail option from the systems menu of your Control Panel.

  • Now, click on the Email Accounts button.

  • After that, pick the Email tab from the options.

  • Select the Exchange account and hit the Change button.
  • Under the Offline Settings, unmark the Cached Exchange Mode option.
  • At last, press the Next icon to finish.
  1. Disabling Outlook Add-ins

To cripple the add-ins in Outlook, you can attempt to run the MS Outlook application in the Safe Mode. Albeit, the add-ins and modules are introduced and empowered in Outlook to expand its usefulness and effectiveness. However, in some cases, if an add-in becomes broken, it can block the presentation of Outlook. Run the Outlook in Safe Mode, and if the OST can’t be opened blunder is fixed, you would realize that the add-ins were to blame.

To run Outlook in Safe Mode, you can straightforwardly type Outlook/protected in the Run order of Windows.

  1. Repairing OST File

You can recuperate and fix the defilement in your Outlook OST documents utilizing the Inbox Repair Tool Scanpst.exe. It is the inbuilt device of Outlook that is put away on each PC. Be that as it may, its area could be distinctive dependent on the variant of Windows and Outlook. To fix an OST record utilizing this utility, follow the underneath steps.

  • Open the Inbox Repair Tool Scanpst.exe on your system.



  • Click on the Browse button and select the Outlook OST file.
  • Now, pick the OST file and press Open.

  • After that, hit the Start button to allow the tool to scan.

  • As the scan is complete, check on the Backup option if you wish to save a copy of the OST file as a backup.
  • Press the Repair icon to start the recovery procedure.

  • Once it is finished, a tab will appear. Click on OK to end the process.

Every one of the manual techniques referenced above are fit for settling the OST can’t be opened mistake. Maybe, they are not generally successful and take a great deal of time. Additionally, these techniques can likewise be hard to perform for certain clients because of their intricacy.

Assuming you need an other arrangement, you can go for the Cigati OST File Recovery Tool. It is the best instrument to recuperate and fix OST documents that fixes every one of their mistakes. Besides, it permits the clients to store the OST document information in various record designs like EML, DBX, MSG, and so on


Standpoint OST can’t be opened due to a few reasons examined in this blog. Every one of the techniques referenced to fix the mistake have a few requirements that limit their use. In spite of the fact that they can fix the mistake however are not generally viable. Henceforth, an outsider expert device is proposed to straightforwardly fix the debasement and any blunder alarming the appropriate working of the OST records.

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