How To Create A Video Using Screen Recorder?

How To Create A Video Using Screen Recorder?

We all certainly know the importance of creating or making videos…videos help us a lot. Like, watching videos and getting the required help is the best technique so far, replaced from reading lengthy manuals and spending a lot of time and energy on understanding. Video guides are pretty simple and yet the most versatile thing happened because it helps to understand in a better way and with a simple language. Do you also take the help of video guides to learn or understand anything? Do you also want to create a video that is going to help a lot of people? Wondering, from where to start and how to do it? Don’t worry…take a deep breath and keep reading this blog as it is going to help you in creating a user-guide video with the help of a screen recorder. So, let’s get started.

In order to create a video, I have taken the help of a screen recorder named “TweakShot.” TweakShot is one of the best screen recorders for PC available online. Indeed, TweakShot is simple and versatile software specially designed for capturing screens and for taking screenshots. Not only this, this simple and incredible software also offers various options without even throwing extra load on your computer. It does not contain any tricky buttons, the software is quite easy to understand and use. Below are some details of the software:

Screen Recorder: TweakShot

Price: $39.95

Compatibility: Windows 10, 8.1, and 7

Updated Version: 1.0.0

Download: TweakShot

Platform: Microsoft Windows PC

Processor: Intel Core i3 or higher

Hard Disk Space: Minimum 2GB free space

Memory: 4GB RAM or more

Display Details: 1280x 768 or better

Best Features of TweakShotCapture Video Software

  • Helps in creating videos
  • Helps in capturing videos
  • Creates and edits images
  • Helps in capturing single window
  • Helps in capturing scrolling windows as well
  • Users can also pick colors from images and screen
  • Auto-saves screens and videos
  • Users can also make use of hotkeys for instructions
  • Able to take an entire screenshot of the current browsing page
  • Users can upload their captured screens and videos on OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • Users can also update to PhotoStudio v2.1 wherein the users can redesign, add visual effects, create presentations and slideshows, and capture images from any device

Installing TweakShot in your Windows Computer

  1. Download and install the latest version of TweakShot.
  2. While installing, you will have to follow on-screen instructions.
  3. Keep reading and allowing to complete the installation process of TweakShot.
  4. After installing, you can also use the limited trial version. In order to use the advanced features, you will have to upgrade to the Pro version.

Quick Tour of TweakShot Console

Here is a quick tour of the TweakShot bar for better use. TweakShot’s console is based on a thin bar wherein all the editing options are available for capturing and using a screen recorder.

First of all, begin by double-clicking on the big eye which will option the thin bar. This thin bar is totally customizable and you can select your functions from this bar.

●      App Double Click

This option opens the region capture, users can also change it from settings.

●      Capture Region

This option lets users take screenshots of the rectangular region.

●      Capture Single Windows

This option lets users capture a single window if there are multiple windows.

●      Capture Full Screen

This option allows users to capture the full screen.

●      Capture Scrolling Window

This option allows users to take a complete screenshot of the webpage or any scrollable window.

●      Capture Video

In order to create a video, users will require this option to record screen activities and ongoing mouse movements.

●      Color Picker

From this option, users can pick any color from the screen.

How to Create a Video Using TweakShot

1.    Download and Install the Application

To download TweakShot, click here. All you have to do is simply click the download button. Install the software. You can use the trial version as well or you can update to the pro version for using all of the advanced features for creating a better and effective user-guide video.

2.    Take a look at the Settings

After installing the software, the second thing you have to do is to take a complete look at the settings of the software. You can also take the reference of the above section to understand the features of the TweakShot. Furthermore, for recording a video, you will be required to use the “capture video option” from the thin taskbar. Below is the screenshot for your reference.

With the help of “capture video,” you will be able to capture onscreen changes and ongoing mouse movements. You can also record a playing video with sound effects as well.

3.    Complete the Setup for recording a video

Now that you have completely understood the settings and usage of the buttons of the TweakShot, it’s time to complete the set-up for recording a video.

Start by clicking on the “capture video” key from the thin bar and start recording the area of the video right away.

To record the video, all you have to do is to toggle the frame over the desired area so that the screen can be recorded. Moreover, you can also adjust or move the area button to record the video effectively. Additionally, you can also select customizable parameters like full screen, 1024×768, 960p, 720p, 160x140p, and more.

Furthermore, you can also take the help of other editing and recording options for recording your video effectively.

4.    Start creating

Once, you have understood and completed the whole setup process you can start recording the video. You can take the help of all of the features to record the video; you can also use the zoom-in and zoom-out icons for magnifying the windows. You can also use the color pick option for creating a better and effective user guide. Meanwhile, you can also adjust the sound level. You can also resume and pause the recording. After that, you can also edit the video by using advanced features.

I hope this blog helps you to create a video using one of the best and incredible screen recorders named TweakShot.

Thanks for reading!

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