Five free apps to train your brain

Train your brain!

It is possible to train the brain to boost its brain power and help avoid the ‘brain fog’ that comes from normal aging as well as diseases such as multiple sclerosis (MS) .
To keep the brain fit, a holistic approach to health is needed. Several studies show that brain games and other learning activities, along with physical activity and a healthy diet, can help maintain mental sharpness. One of them, done on healthy adults aged 65 and over, showed that three months of “cognitive training” through mental exercises resulted in significant improvements in people’s attention and memory  .
To do this, here we show you a selection of five effective applications to train the brain totally free and that, in addition, may be entertaining:



This popular and addictive brain training website and app has been developed and approved by neuroscientists. It stands out for having, on a daily basis, a wide variety of personalized activities and games, which make it one of the smartest ways to pass the time. .

Academia Khan

If you want to improve your education without spending a penny, you’ll love this app with over 4,000 downloadable videos on topics ranging from physics to microfinance. 

Charge your brain

Find out if you are a logical person with this colorful and attractive application, suitable for all levels from children to adults. Available on the iTunes store .


Speaking languages ​​is not only good for finding a job or doing business. And learning them is not just for young people. Research indicates that mastering more than one language can slow down the aging process of the brain. Duolingo’s fun app lets you master languages ​​on the go like English, French, Portuguese, and more. 

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