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Today, social networks have become another means of communication and advertising for companies. Reaching customers in a faster and more direct way. Ceasing to be simply a means by which thousands of people communicate. Companies have begun to see in social networks a new way of selling and publicizing their products. Therefore, if you have a business that is expanding or you are dedicated to the world of marketing, these are the best social networks for companies in your communication strategy 👇

Benefits of social networks

Quick and easy communication

It is a direct way for your customers to contact you , through messages or comments. It is much faster and easier than calling a call center. Offer a service 7 days a week without fixed hours.

news spread

They allow a quick dissemination of news and important messages that you want to give to your clients or future buyers. Not only news such as closing for vacations or holidays, but we can also use them to publicize the offers or new products that we have. It is our virtual showcase.

Brand image

They will allow you to create a brand image with your products and services, thus generating trust and loyalty among consumers.

Search engine visibility

Nowadays, the algorithms are more complicated and complex. However, one of the parameters that the big search engines take into account is professional networks. If your target audience likes you on social media, you are more likely to rank higher in search results.

Being successful in your social media will positively influence your SEO positioning.

web traffic

Creating good content not only serves to be visible in search engines, it will also increase traffic on your website. Users will want to know more about you and the products and services you sell.

Another advantage is that you can create publications segmented by interests or geography, thus reaching the potential customers that interest you the most. It is one of the most used marketing strategies in these media.

customer feedback

Another advantage of social networks is that you can find out first-hand what customers think of your services or products , through the comments they leave. They will help you so that future potential clients know that it is the best of your brand.

Don’t know how to manage negative content? Don’t be nervous! Simply deal with the problem personally with the client, give them an answer with the solution and if necessary apologize. Many of the clients turn their anger on social networks.

Take advantage of the positive comments and link them on your website , this will make it a closer and more reliable page.

dynamic marketing

Experiment with social networks . Invest small amounts to find a more potential audience or simply to make yourself known to your target audience. Testing different types of content and ideas, to know what your audience likes the most.

The best social networks for companies

Knowing which types of social networks are the best for companies is important when developing a marketing strategy. The question is not to have profiles on all social networks, but to know where our target audience is. Also, depending on the type of business we have, one social network or another will be useful. We detail them below 👇


The social network par excellence, one of the most used, although interest in it has decreased by the younger population. It is the platform with the largest number of users, exactly 2.12 billion people use this social network daily.

The main use we give to this platform is to comment on images and videos, send messages, share photos or videos and see what our friends are doing. Therefore, this social network works best for B2C businesses and sometimes for B2B.

The sectors in which Facebook really interests are: local businesses, online stores, news and information, sports, finance, health and travel.

Facebook has a section that allows you to create your own product catalogs , ideal for online sales.

The only disadvantage is that you will have to invest a little in advertising, since the organic reach is not usually as high as we expect, and less so when our business starts to work.


The social network for companies, entrepreneurs and professionals. The best businesses that work are B2B. Although currently, it is also dedicated to job search, with great results.

The sectors that stand out are: education, marketing, finance, ICT, social dialogue and science.

You should work hard on your personal brand to stand out in this social network. Since you can get a totally target audience.

Although there are companies that have already started using their advertising on LinkedIn, it is true that it is still under development and introducing new features.


Instagram is the social network that has grown the most in recent years. Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most important social networks.

The sectors that perform best are: fashion, health, beauty, travel, automotive, events, crafts (education), photography and e-commerce.

Sweepstakes have become very famous , a strategy used by many companies to publicize their business and get followers on this social network.

It is also recommended to invest money in this social network, since you can invest little money and get a lot of conversions. It is a simple network to use.


The fashionable social network among the youngest that has been going strong, its audience is between 13 and 18 years old.

This social network only allows you to upload short videos between 15 and 60 seconds. And the sectors that would stand out the most are: fashion, beauty, sports and education.

It is a social network that is growing, and the use of advertising is not yet in the marketing strategies of companies, but there are already some who are beginning to see conversions on this website.


This social network is mainly used to share content in real time. Therefore, in the sectors that work best is; news and information, finance, education, telecommunications, sports and politics.

The advertising part of this social network is still under development, although many companies have already dared to invest in it. It is quite interesting, because you can get a fairly low cost per result or per interaction compared to other social networks.


Although many do not consider it as a social network as such, this year it will be constantly innovating in digital marketing thanks to WhatsApp Business.

In Spain, the use of the social messaging network exceeds that of Facebook users. Therefore, many companies see this platform as a way to get closer to the customer. It is a tool that can help improve customer service and support.

Google My Business

If you own a physical or online business, this tool is ideal for optimizing your presence on Google. It is a social network dedicated to businesses.

What users can see here are the reviews left by other people with their opinion about our service or product. Own images and the catalog of our products.

In addition, you can update the google my business file and put the contact information, address and store hours.


It is the second largest search engine , with more than 2 billion active users.

Users are not looking for your business or your services, they are looking for instructions or tutorial videos of any product or opinions of bloggers who share their videos.

For this reason, this social network is interesting for the education, motor, telecommunications, information and marketing sectors.

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