Citrix and OnLine Licensing expand alliance

Citrix and OnLine Licensing expand alliance

0nLine Licensing and Citrix presented their most recent alliance in Mexico . For several years now, they have worked successfully in different countries of the region, now they extend their agreement to our country, to reach channels with specialized solutions that promise to make work a memorable experience anywhere.

With the growing modality of teleworking around the world, countless companies have found it necessary to modify their work format . The importance of an effective digital workspace requires security, remote access to applications and data, and an exceptional user experience while being almost anywhere or using more than one device at a time.

According to Citrix’s “SASE Architectures for Hybrid Workforce Productivity” report, 42% of organizations believe that supporting more remote workers has increased the volume of cybersecurity vulnerabilities. And 76% plan to move security to the cloud.

Citrix since its inception has worked on designing solutions so that companies can face the present and future of work in an agile, simple and safe way. Being recognized as one of the leaders worldwide for its multiple solutions in digital transformation, digital user experience and communications optimization, all with an important focus on cybersecurity.

“ The beginning of our relationship with Online Licensing is an indicator of the growing demand for cybersecurity solutions in Mexican companies that are adopting new strategies for the implementation of digital workspaces . In the new normal, hybrid work schemes will increase and technology will be the great ally of this modality since it requires greater flexibility and an excellent work experience, “explained Alejandra Galvan, Channel Director of Citrix Mexico. “The high added value of Online Licensing, the professionalism of its staff and the enormous experience allow us to be very optimistic about the success of this agreement” “.

As part of the alliance, manufacturer and wholesaler presented Citrix Workspace, a unified gateway that offers secure, systematic and intuitive access from the user’s device of choice . This technology provides productivity applications for a better experience on the move with a robust file sharing solution, ensuring that employees can access corporate or personal documents with maximum speed and security, while continuing to share them with collaborators and external parties.

During the event, it was mentioned that today many organizations from different industries are realizing that the implementation of cloud applications puts the most expert IT teams to the test, not to mention the hours of productivity that this consumes them . Technologies such as Citrix Workspace improve productivity exponentially as they facilitate and speed up the migration to Microsoft Office 365. Maximizing its value by allowing more agile administration and greater security thanks to Citrix Secure Internet Access, a technology that represents complete security in the cloud with scope that protects all users, in any location and in every application.

The recent news of the acquisition of Wrike by Citrix increasingly removes the complexity of hybrid and distributed work environments . By uniting the power of Citrix’s unified workspace infrastructure and Wrike’s collaborative work management platform, companies can allow employees to focus on the work that really matters and have a unique experience every day, without worrying about complex remote accesses, difficulties in sharing information or data vulnerability.

Balancing personal and work life is increasingly important in the current context, companies must adopt tools that allow their employees to achieve this dynamism . It is imminent that the organizational culture pays special attention to the most human aspects, and allows choosing where and how to work, in order to create a balance for everyone, giving the freedom to choose the most convenient format based on the needs and objectives of each collaborator.

According to data from the Citrix report “Thrive with employee experience”, 64% of organizations with an Advanced User Experience mention that their HR and IT departments have one or more common objectives : “Create a workspace that produces experiences memorable, exciting and modern users ”. 74% of executives anticipate significant ROI from creating a Memorable Work Experience.

Regarding the announced alliance, Ernesto Jimenez, Commercial Director of Licensing OnLine Mexico, commented that “adding Citrix solutions to our portfolio in Mexico represents significant growth for those of us who are part of the OnLine Licensing team, as it represents delivering the maximum value in mobility, safety and comfort to the end user through our business partners. This generates a great complement for us, due to the technological innovation of Citrix solutions that maximizes and enhances the value of Office 365 and remote desktops, among other solutions. We invite the channels to come closer to us and find out what we have prepared for them with this new alliance ”.

Citrix and OnLine Licenses, a wholesaler with more than 10 years of experience in cloud and cybersecurity in Mexico, will offer channels an entire ecosystem of solutions that add significant value to the experience and security of the end user. In addition to different commercial and administrative tools, specialized technical advice, benefits and special incentives for channels.

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