9 Advantages of Using Zimbra Email Hosting for Corporates

9 Advantages of Using Zimbra Email Hosting for Corporates

To plan and implement everyday tasks, most organizations nowadays rely primarily on the interchange of emails. Email is a communication channel that lets businesses connect, exchange, and discuss information across several locations. It helps inter-team interaction, allowing teams to execute commercial projects. Several companies rely on corporate email hosting servers to manage their email traffic efficiently. There are ample choices available while selecting email hosting services. Besides all, Zimbra email hosting in India is quite popular among businesses of all kinds.

Businesses prefer Zimbra email hosting because of the easy-to-use features it has to offer. Avoiding spam emails, creating calendars, offering hassle-free data storage options are among a few notable ones. It’s available on commercial as well as open-source platforms. Thus, businesses looking for cost-effective alternatives to high-price Microsoft Exchange Servers prefer Zimbra email servers over others. It’s loaded with many additional features such as mobile synchronization, server plug-ins, and much more. To access these features, one should go for the commercial packages offered by email hosting providers.

With a box full of features, Zimbra mail servers are among the popular email hosting in India. Are you considering using Zimbra servers? Do you want to know whether this corporate email hosting is beneficial for your business or not? Check out the next section to find answers to these questions.

Zimbra Email Hosting in India- 9 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use It

Zimbra email server allows businesses to optimize corporate communication both in and out of their enterprises. They may now encrypt sensitive, store, recover, and share documents, send messages and arrange group work from anywhere at any time. If you wish to use Zimbra for your business, it’s vital to understand your company’s aims and goals to tailor the hosting services to meet your demands.

Let’s shed light on the key advantages of using Zimbra email hosting here in this guide. Continue reading to find out more.

1.   Rejects Spam Mails

Sorting and removing spam emails by yourself on a daily basis is a time-consuming task. To assist your staff in resolving this issue, Zimbra provides advanced filters that allow users to filter out undesired emails. Its feature will enable employees to do so without requiring them to browse them. To ensure that suspect emails do not overwhelm your inbox, just set the spam filter settings.

2.   Automated Mailbox System

Customers who pair their cloud service with a Zimbra email hosting business opens the door for better mail solutions. It completely transforms how a company communicates. Zimbra email services from a reliable virtual server transform communication with business companions, investors, and employees.

You can save time looking for emails if you choose to go with this corporate email hosting. Multiple Email composes tabs can be active at the same time. They can also take advantage of an integrated feature that eliminates the need to switch between mails, connections, and calendars.

3.   Business Continuity and Reliable Data Backup

The most notable characteristic of Zimbra email servers is that it offers excellent backup and total business continuity. Expertise handles the Zimbra Email hosting’s back-end infrastructure that ensures complete backup. It also reduces the risk of crucial data or critical mail getting lost during network outages.

It’s also a cost-effective option as you don’t need to spend on a server, licencing, software, web, co-location, or other expertise. With this email hosting option, you’ll get exposure to all of the great attributes at a low cost.

4.   Helps in Setting up Calendars

All project teams must inform of delivery times, meetings, and timelines. The Zimbra email server hosting features a calendar tool that users can utilize to boost coordination management. They also provide a calendar with other members of the team that includes essential project deadlines.

5.   User Interaction

Zimbra email hosting services have a well-designed user interface, making it great to use as a professional-looking webmail client. The sleek interface of the Zimbra mail server sets it apart from most Linux-based email systems.

The Zimbra mail server uses the standard IMAPS and POP3 email interfaces, making it accessible from any regular computer or laptop. Mail server, schedule, address book, and file transfer tabs are easy to get through the rational and straightforward menu interface.

6.   Versatile Access Options

The Zimbra Email hosting account is easy to use, and users get accessed it from any location, including internet browsers. Users can check their business emails, address book, projects, and other details of a particular platform, making it handier for them.

7.   Web Management

The menu and edit options on the Zimbra mail server have an immaculate online administration structure. All default options for introducing new users are visible on the Class of Service (CoS) settings page. Languages and time zone differences and permitted functionality and mail styles are among the services available. Users can set accounts and create different versions using the administer settings menu.

8.   Zero Hassle while Document Storage

Zimbra Business email hosting allows you to save files in your accounts, allowing users to organize things better. From anywhere in the world, users can view these files. You can also browse all these files and categorize them according to the requirements.

9.   Maximum Protection

You never have to worry about security when you utilize a dedicated and secure Zimbra mail server for email hosting. All of its software applications features impenetrable security devices that ensure the protection and reliability of email exchanges. To address any security flaws, Zimbra employs email connection standards like IMAP and POP. It creates a protective barrier over sensitive information, preventing unwanted entry.


Zimbra is a corporate email hosting solution that enables organizations to manage their business email efficiently and save time. Thus, it’s essential to select a hosting service provider that can offer you email hosting services that meets your business needs.

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