3 vineyards to visit at Easter

3 vineyards to visit at Easter

At Easter the best option for sightseeing is to go to a wine house. Soy Vino Méxicano recommends 3 vineyards to visit during this season.

The Mexican Republic has extraordinary wealth and among them, its wine. Currently, the production of this drink is carried out in 14 states and every day it expands more. For this reason and with the arrival of Holy Week, Soy Vino Méxicano – a project that brings together the entire Mexican wine production chain with the aim of educating, promoting and strengthening the wine culture – recommends three vineyards to visit during this season.

At Easter, resurrection time, celebration and toast, the best option for sightseeing and taking a break outside the city is to go to a winery that shares its history, knowledge and passion for making exceptional wines.

Located in the cradle of National Independence, the Tres Raíces wine house focuses on creating authentic and world-class wines. It is an active part of wine tourism, which is why it offers four types of tours to learn about the process of making its wines with the help of experts.

Among the activities that are part of the tours are the tastings and also the tasting of a three or five course pairing menu, designed by chef Omar Nahed. In the restaurant, meals are carefully prepared with regional products.

Meanwhile, Tres Raíces Hotel Boutique offers luxurious suites with amenities in independent modules with room service; jacuzzi and swimming pool. It also has bicycles for visitors to tour the facilities and admire the beautiful fields of vines and spectacular mountains. An unforgettable experience.

The Pozo de Luna wine house is 15 minutes from the historic center of the city of San Luis Potosí. It is a vineyard of approximately 15 hectares. He has control of the entire wine process, from the planting of the vine, its passage through the winery and its rest in the bottle.

When visiting it, you can visit the vineyards, the cellar, the production area and taste the wines, even try local gastronomic products that are pleasantly surprising for their flavor. Also, in order to provide a pleasant and safe experience, reservations are recommended.

This is a new generation winery in the El Porvenir ejido, in the Valle de Guadalupe. La Carrodilla has four monovarietal wines (Chenin Blanc, Shiraz, Cabernet and Tempranillo), showing with them the finesse of what the vine offers at its best, as well as a young Tinto (mixture of three monovarietals) and a Premium wine ( Bordeaux mixture).

The winery is recognized thanks to its own biodynamic techniques, a discipline focused on caring for nature and sustainable agriculture.



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