10 Reasons to hire a Digital Marketing agency

10 Reasons to hire a Digital Marketing agency

Digital Marketing Agency: 10 reasons to hire one

Creating an advertising strategy has never been easier than today. YouTube has thousands of videos with step by step, platforms such as Udemy or similar give courses that previously cost hundreds or thousands of dollars for a few dollars (some for less than USD 10) and freelance platforms offer for ridiculous sums to carry high campaigns performance.

That said, the possibility of making a mistake and throwing away the money available for a marketing action has never been easier. Too many options, too many people and all the people proclaiming themselves as the best specialists on the subject. It is moments like this in which the difference between a well executed campaign and a resounding failure will depend on the digital marketing agency chosen for such action.

This is why we present 10 reasons (weighty!) To hire a digital marketing agency:

1. Time saving

Are you really going to take the risk of taking the spotlight of your business by learning a new skill? Knowledge is always good, but most small businesses have the do-it-all entrepreneur syndrome , and this is one of the biggest mistakes we see when consulting: the business has to be able to function without the director or founder. is involved in the operation on a daily basis.

Hiring a specialist digital marketing agency will save valuable time in meetings and strategies that you may have already tried and know in advance how effective they will be.

2. Internal analysis of the company

It is impossible to be impartial when reviewing our own steps: We believe that the neighbor’s grass is greener than ours or worse, we believe that we have the best product in the universe and we are unable to see the shortcomings. At El Cielo Digital we design a strategy that involves getting involved (we always wear the client’s shirt!) On a day-to-day basis and analyze (with the benefit of being an external agent) the buyer’s entire journey from the start of the dealing with the customer to the after-sales service.

3. Competitor analysis

Once a digital analysis of the entire client platform has been carried out, we take care of analyzing the competitors: what they do better than our client and what we need to overcome them, both digitally and traditionally. Knowing where we are failing is the first step to gaining a competitive advantage.

4. Cost reduction

It is always more profitable to hire an external agency than to develop an internal team. Not only because the agency has multiple resources on one side (and reproducing the same scenario in a company unless it has hundreds of employees just doesn’t make sense); It is also very easy to face our strategies based on the experience of each of the members of the agency.

In the same way, there is an experience / learning curve that every campaign has; If the agency has experience in the field, it is reduced to almost zero.

5. Multiply business expansion

Having an agency that allows you to quickly implement different strategies allows the client to grow quickly. If the agency has experience working in different countries and the client is looking for a rapid expansion, it is possible to maximize the growth rate by investing in several countries with the experience and knowledge of the agency.

6. Expense versus investment

Although you should never confuse spending against investment, you must always keep in mind that there are expenses that can be ignored and expenses that are necessary to make until it becomes an investment, especially in companies that are just starting out or startups that have their cash flow it is not constant.

7. Experience in a variety of markets

What better if the company is ready to expand to new countries to find a partner who has worked in several regions and knows in advance what can happen!

8. Professionals from different branches

An agency is not only a group of professionals, but the agency will be only as strong as the weakest of its links. Check how the agency is formed, how much staff is its staff and always ask for the work portfolio.

9. Access to marketing and automation tools

A serious digital marketing agency has professionals who are not only certified in different specialties (El Cielo Digital has specialists from all fields, from journalists for content development to SEO specialists) but who work daily with unique tools: managing them periodically from an exhaustive form generates a knowledge of the product and services superior to that which a common user could achieve, at least without experience in the field.

The automation of tasks that allow tools (expensive if there is only one account but having several accounts reduces costs) generates an advantage not only economic but also of quality. This is why it is very important to select a digital marketing agency that has not only verifiable experience, but a size that allows it to adapt to your need.

10. Professionalism against amateurs

Let’s face it: unless the agency has a very bad designer, the designs and deliveries proposed and implemented by the digital marketing agency will always be superior to any design that the client can do internally if they do not have a team. own design. The same applies to Google, Facebook or Instagram campaigns : the client believes that they are doing a good job, but when comparing themselves impartially against the competitors it is very easy to see who invests and who does not in the final result and therefore in the results.

So how do you choose a digital marketing agency?

Always analyze and study the proposal of several agencies and hire the one that is closest to your need.
There are no immediate results: the one who promises it simply lies to you.
Always ask for the portfolio to know who they worked with.
Look for more information on social networks to learn more about the group of people (Linkedin is an excellent tool) and what is the philosophy of the agency.

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